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KumatorI Deuteration Station (KIDS)

KumatorI Deuteration Station (KIDS) is a deuteration facility of Institute for Integrated Radiation and Nuclear Science, Kyoto University in Japan. Our aims are to:

  1. Supply deuterated proteins for biological research
  2. Develop deuteration techniques (precise control of deuteration ratio, D2O recycling, large-scale preparation of deuterated proteins, and selective deuteration with protein ligation)
  3. Develop domain-selective deuteration technique for multi domain protein utilizing ligation technique
  4. Develop SANS and other neutron scattering methods (mimicking in-cell (crowding) environment and kinetics).

Deuteration capabilities

  • Bacteria (E. coli)
  • SAXS
  • SANS
  • AUC
  • DLS
  • MS
Key molecules

User access

User program

Through BINDS II

Access modes

On request, open to anyone.



Kumatori, Osaka, Japan

Institute for Integrated Radiation and Nuclear Science
Kyoto University